Our vision is to transform the Spanish learning experience

The history of language learning has evolved from a focus on grammar and translation to communicative approaches. Today, it is proven that the best way to learn a new language is when the students find themselves immersed in real conversations. The amazing teachers who make our mission possible are spread all over Latin America.


Meet our team

Vanesa Alba

Spanish Teacher/Manager

Cecilia Bengio

Lead Spanish Teacher

Luciana Slaen

Spanish Teacher/Trainer

Carlos Rivera

Spanish Teacher

Ceci Vittori

Spanish Teacher

Laura Zavala

Spanish Teacher for kids!

Caro Feu

Spanish Teacher

Juan Gagliardi

Spanish Teacher

Constanza Pastor

Spanish Teacher

Erika Ippolito

Spanish Teacher

Ceci Fontana

Spanish Teacher

Caro GudiƱo

Spanish Teacher

Real practice, with real people, in real context..

You can now learn spanish at home, online, and without spending a fortune in home teachers, or neither traveling all around the world to practice what you've learnt. With starts panish you will start learning, practicing and speaking in the real world. Hello startspanish, hola mundo en español. 

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